Welcome to KML Mining Services

KML Mining Services was established in 2020 to provide civil engineering construction solutions throughout the Republic of Zambia and DRC.

With early beginnings based in Port Elizabeth, KML Mining Services has operated in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Northwest Province, Northern Cape and Mpumalanga region.

KML Mining Services provide a wide range of services, including:

Helping Disadvantaged Communities

KML Mining Services have built strong foundations underpinned by three key areas, loyalty, professionalism, and community. With this in mind, the company have actively been involved in support, training and development for disadvantaged communities.

The KML Vision

By 2025 KML Mining Services aim to become a market leader within the mining industry. As future leaders, we will continue to employ high safety standards and improve upon these, ensuring total dedication is made to the safety and well-being of our staff. These constant improvements and quest for excellence in all that will do will make KML Mining Services an employer of choice. In addition, all of the above efforts and enhancements will allow us to increase our footprint in Africa and create more opportunities and resources for them.

The KML Mission

All efforts and steps are being taken and will be taken in the future to ensure a safe working environment is maintained. In addition, we will ensure job retention and longevity for all by producing quality products. Everything that KML does has South Africa’s well-being at the heart of it, and it is KML’s mission to continue to contribute to its economic expansion in a sustainable, responsible and meaningful way.